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Book Challenge | Will

Will’s story is pretty interesting. I enjoyed reading about a few things: the early part of his rap career and why he chose not to curse, how laughter + entertaining family kept the peace at home as a kid, how he prepared for his role as Muhammad Ali, method acting and why he will never do it again, his love/hate relationship with his late father, meeting Nelson Mandela (and his regret of not spending more time with him), his past relationships, and marriage.

It was also interesting to see that he referred to himself as a “coward” a few times. But he explains this.

One quote (out of several) that stood out to me: “Sometimes people try to play the cards that they wish they had instead of what was dealt. The capacity to adjust and improvise is arguably the single most critical human ability.”

(I still have a few more pages to go 😊)


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